Data Center

Data Center

At Techlytic, we evaluate and find the best way to structure a data center to serve clients’ enterprise with the best possible cost.

Below are the different data centers available to your company globally:

  • Colocation

    Also known as “colo,” this type of data center allows companies to rent space for servers and computing hardware off-site. A colocation data center provides the building space, power, cooling, bandwidth, and physical security while you provide the necessary software and hardware to store your data. Depending on the amount of space required, space within the facility can be rented by the rack, cabinet, or cage.

  • Private Cage/Suite

    For companies who would like to house their infrastructure in a private space, we help with sourcing a customized suite or cage with secure, restricted access.

    This type of data center houses servers and computing hardware in a suitable environment, much like a colocation, but offers an additional layer of security and dedicated space.

  • Wholesale

    If you require large amounts of space and power and are looking to avoid the unnecessary cost of building your own data center, you may be ideal for leasing a fully provisioned wholesale data center.

    The wholesale model offers private access and customization alternatives not supplied in a retail model.  Wholesale clients also take on higher level of responsibility operating and maintaining the critical infrastructure.

  • Build to Suit

    For enterprise clients where their computing infrastructure requires complete ownership of the datacenter asset, we work with a reputable data center companies who build fully customized data centers from the ground up. These are long-term leases with many variations of datacenter management.